2014 LAMS & Learning Design Conference — Singapore

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Declara is a personal learning technology company based in Palo Alto, Calif. Declara's online social learning platform learns how users interact through the use of semantic search, machine learning algorithms, and recommendations to deliver personalized suggestions on potential collaborators and resources for projects.

Declara, founded in 2012, operates on the premise that learning does not only happen in schools but continues for a lifetime in which people need to constantly master skills. Its technology platform uses semantic search and recommendations to surface the right content at the right time for individuals, making learning more personalized and discovery oriented. This enables individuals as well as entire communities to learn, making everyone smarter. The Declara platform is used by Educational Services Australia for teacher education and SNTE, Mexico¿s largest teachers union, to train 1.6 million teachers and administrators. These communities are already seeing an improvement in the acquisition of new learning skills.


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